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China Coal Group Various Excavators Have Passed The Eu Ce Certification

Date:2022-08-29     Label:

China Coal News EU CE certification

Recently, after strict inspection and comprehensive evaluation by the EU certification body, the ZM08/ZM09/ZM10/ZM10-1/ZM10-2/ZM10ZM08/ZM09/ZM10/ZM10-1/ZM10-2/ZM10-NEW/ZM12/ZM15/ZM16/ZM17/ZM18/ZM20/ZM22/ZM25/ZM30/ZM35/ZM40/ZM45/ZM50/ZM55/ZM60/ZM75/ZM85/ZM130/ZM210/ZM220/ZM250/ZM300/ZM350/ZM400/ZM450/ZM500/ZM550/ZM600/ZM650/ZM700/ZM750/ZM800/ZM850/

ZM900/ZM950/ZM1000NEW/ZM12/ZM15/ZM16/ZM17/ZM18/ZM20/ZM22/ZM25/ZM30/ZM35/ZM40/ZM45/ZM50/ZM55/ZM60/ZM75/ZM85/ZM130/ZM210/ZM220/ZM250/ZM300/ZM350/ZM400/ZM450/ZM500/ZM550/ZM600/ZM650/ZM700/ZM750/ZM800/ZM850/ZM900/ZM950/ZM1000 42 specifications and models of excavators independently developed and produced by Shandong China Coal Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal Group, have passed the EU CE certification,obtained the EU CE certificate.

Various models of excavators independently developed and produced by China Coal Group have undergone all-round technical upgrades in power systems, hydraulic systems and electrical systems, and improved engine emission standards,a number of safety guarantee measures are adopted to ensure the high reliability, high safety and high efficiency and energy saving of the product.At present, China Coal Group has exported a number of excavator products to high-end markets in Europe and the United States. With its excellent product quality and timely and efficient after-sales service, it has won wide acclaim from customers and further promoted the pace of expanding the international market.As a large-scale enterprise with cross-industry and diversified operations, China Coal Group has adhered to the global development strategy of basing itself on the world and looking at the world for many years,has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, SGS international authoritative certification, EU CE product safety certification and many other international authoritative certifications,in terms of product research and development capabilities, production capabilities, import and export trade capabilities, quality management systems and product certification, it has reached international quality certification standards, and has established a good reputation at home and abroad!

In recent years, China Coal Group has actively responded to the call of the state and vigorously promoted intelligent manufacturing. Since the establishment of the company, it has continuously increased investment in scientific research. The group's research and development products have always been of high standards and high requirements. While meeting the national standards, they are constantly aligning with international standards.This time, many models of excavators developed and produced by our group have successfully passed the EU CE safety certification, which further shows that our group has been internationally recognized in the field of construction machinery in terms of product quality and safety,it marks that its production control, technology research and development, product quality, safety and environmental protection have reached international standards and EU directives.This will help enhance the influence of China Coal Group in the international market and lay the foundation for accelerating the development of the international market.In the next step, our group will further increase the technical research and development of products in the field of construction machinery, produce more high-quality, high-tech excavator products, and make more positive contributions to the development of the global construction machinery industry!

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