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Effective Control Measures for Measurement Error of Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

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Effective Control Measures for Measurement Error of Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

(1) Reasonably control stabilized soil mixing plant concrete batching

During stabilized soil mixing plant construction management, mixing and metering must be carried out in combination with batching, and batching transportation shall be done well to avoid various metering problems during construction. During the construction period, various advanced technologies and equipment shall be used to minimize the loss of batching at the equipment interface. During the measurement work, environmental protection shall be highly emphasized, and the measurement error shall be minimized. The accurate batching weight can be calculated by using the measurement averaging strategy.

(2) Strengthening the management of stabilized soil mixing plant production enterprises

During the management of stabilized soil mixing plant enterprises, attention should be paid to the management. During the procurement of raw materials for stabilized soil mixing plant enterprises, various stabilized soil mixing plant and materials should be reported in a timely manner. Only after the relevant departments pass the inspection can the raw materials be effectively used in the construction period. The procurement must be carried out from within the formal enterprise to avoid the problem of unqualified procurement quality. Then, in the stabilized soil mixing plant production process of concrete enterprises, inspection work must be done well in advance. After the stabilized soil mixing plant operation, a lot of production work needs to be carried out to avoid waste of raw materials. We should also improve the maintenance of all equipment, replace and monitor the original equipment regularly, ensure that the overall construction process is more smooth, and prevent construction problems and failures caused by mechanical accidents during construction.

(3) Control stabilized soil mixing plant algorithm to reduce batching error

During the batching work in the concrete mixing plant and the period when the material delivery is about to end, the calculation has a certain relationship with the delivery rate and time. The feeding work should be ended in advance to ensure that the added materials will not exceed the standard quantity. The error calculation and analysis should be carried out for the insufficient materials to ensure that the results are accurate. The reasonable compensation should be made with the help of the next feeding time, In general, it is necessary to determine the drop value by using empirical method and multiple experiments to calculate the average value.
(4) Prevent stabilized soil mixing plant error caused by material suspension

During the material supply work in the concrete mixing plantit is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of all possible influencing factors in each step and link. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the overall diameter of the powder inlet and return air pipes, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the equipment related to the stabilized soil mixing plant and different components such as pipes. The diameter of the pipeline between the weighing bucket and the dust remover shall not be less than 250mm, and the passage between the exhaust and air supply pipeline of the powder weighing bucket and the mixer cover shall be ensured, but the overall pipeline diameter shall not be less than 200mm.

(5) Design stabilized soil mixing plant batching scale to reduce error

First of all, during the operation of the stabilized soil mixing plant mixing equipment, the rational use of sensors is the most important work content in the whole work process. During the batching period, computers are usually used to rationalize the control of various mechanical equipment. The computer needs to accurately use the various batching parameters received on the sensor, reasonably receive various signals, improve the accuracy and repeatability of the sensor, so as to reduce the overall error. During stabilized soil mixing plant concrete mixing, the accuracy of which sensor is used must be analyzed, and the sensitivity of the batching electronic scale sensor must be analyzed and studied. 

Secondly, normally, three sets of 12 ° uniform batching scale buckets are used for the sensor during its use. During the actual stabilized soil mixing plant production and work, materials will not be put on the batching equipment, so that the overall force of the sensor is not uniform enough, and there is error in the final signal received by the sensor. Based on the analysis of additives with small dosage, during the actual weighing work, the sensing value of the scale body needs to be adjusted to the reasonable control range of the measurement amount, which can effectively solve the measurement error problem.

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