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China Coal Group Win The Title Of Municipal Civilized Unit

Date:2022-11-18     Label:

China Coal News Honor

Recently, Jining Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee released the list of provincial and municipal civilized villages, civilized units, civilized communities and municipal civilized campuses in 2022. China Coal Group is awarded the title of municipal civilized unit, which marks a new stage for the spiritual civilization construction of our group.

Over the years, China Coal Group has been adhering to both business development and spiritual civilization construction, by giving full play to the advantages of the group's responsibilities, the creation of civilization and business work synchronous promotion, synchronous implementation. By increasing the investment in R&D of high-tech products, building an innovative R&D team with high standards, and deeply integrating R&D products into domestic and foreign markets, China Coal Group has realized the "double promotion" of civilization creation and business work. It has been awarded as a manufacturing entrepreneurship and innovation platform enterprise, an excellent enterprise in China's machinery industry, an e-commerce integrated innovation and innovation demonstration enterprise, a national new consumption pilot project enterprise, a typical case enterprise in enterprise cloud, an outstanding enterprise in science and technology innovation, and an enterprise with advanced achievements in science and technology against the epidemic. It is the enterprise of Outstanding Contribution to Industry of Shandong Province, the Gazelle Enterprise of Shandong Province, the science and Technology incubator enterprise of Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong Province, the special fine special new enterprise of Shandong Province, the enterprise of one enterprise and one technology innovation enterprise of Shandong Province, the cluster enterprise of Jining City 231, the climbing engineering enterprise of Jining City, and the "little giant" enterprise of science and technology of the city Bureau of Science and technology.

Rooted in the hearts of all employees, we actively practice the socialist core values, strive to be the practitioner, disseminator and defender of civilization, and strive to be the vanguard of promoting the development of Jining spiritual civilization. Group set up a special exhibition hall for Party construction, to promote the party construction and enterprise development resonance. Since its establishment, China Coal Group has carried out centralized learning of Party Committee theory learning center group on a regular basis. Since its establishment, it has carried out centralized learning for more than 40 times, forming a pattern with central group learning as the leader, middle and senior management personnel learning as the focus, and Party members and cadres actively participating in theoretical learning. Party building has played a prominent role in leading the way, and civility and manners have been continuously improved. It is rated as the Branch of Shandong May Fourth Red Flag Youth League (General branch) in 2021-2022, the number of Shandong Youth Civilization, the excellent enterprise of Shandong electronic information industry "The most socially responsible Enterprise", the honest enterprise of Shandong Province, the provincial enterprise Technology Center, the "Best Female Volunteer Service team" of Jining City, the excellent enterprise of Jining City.

The award of "Municipal civilized Unit" is a full affirmation of our group's civilization building work. China Coal Group will take this opportunity to continue to earnestly implement the spirit of provincial and municipal spiritual civilization construction, further grasp the spiritual guidance, cultivate more work highlights, and extensively organize and mobilize cadres and employees to actively participate in the spiritual civilization construction. It has laid a solid foundation for the next step to strive for provincial civilized units. In the next step, the Group will make unremitting efforts to strengthen the civilization construction, consolidate the foundation, consolidate the achievements, and constantly push the work to a new level.

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