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China Coal Group Approved The Second Batch Of Technological Innovation Project Plan Of Shandong Province In 2022

Date:2022-11-08     Label:

China Coal News Honor

Recently, the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the second batch of provincial technological innovation project plan in 2022. The "New hydraulic prop Equipment Research and Development and application project" declared by China Coal Group is successfully selected, and the technical index reached the domestic leading level.

In order to further implement the innovation-driven development strategy and create new drivers and advantages for development, in recent years, our Group has focused on the development needs of the manufacturing industry, carried out transformation and upgrading to meet the technological frontier of the industry and market demands, strengthened the construction of R&D personnel, enhanced the independent innovation capacity and core competitiveness, and further improved the level of industrial technology research and development and the level of industrialization of innovation achievements. In order to promote the high-quality development of the group has achieved obvious results. At present, the group has more than 150 national patents, more than 110 national computer software Copyrights, 10 provincial and above science and technology projects, more than 200 national mineral products safety certification, in industrial design, technology research and development, product production, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects of comprehensive strength.

Since its establishment, China Coal Group has always believed that technological innovation is the primary driving force leading the development of the company. Adhering to the purpose of quality for survival and innovation for development, China Coal Group has made full use of years of practical experience in the industrial field and unique resource endowment, adhering to the "technology enabling" and relying on technological innovation for high-quality development. Group has been rated as the China national machinery industry outstanding enterprises, the national "specialization, the new" enterprise, specialization, new enterprises in shandong province, shandong province enterprise technology innovation enterprise, the enterprise of the artificial intelligence in shandong province science and technology prize, industry of shandong province outstanding contribution award for enterprise. It is the Manufacturing Innovation and Innovation Platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Industrial Design Center of Shandong Province, the Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong Province, the Software Engineering Technology Center of Shandong Province, the provincial new data center, the "One enterprise one Technology" research and development center of Shandong Province, the municipal engineering research center, and the municipal A-level research and development institution of the manufacturing enterprise.

The selection of the group as the second batch of technological innovation projects in Shandong Province in 2022 is highly recognized by the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology for the technological innovation and development achievements of our group in the field of high-end intelligent equipment. In the next step, our group will take this opportunity, take the project as the carrier, take innovation as the guide, give full play to the main role of enterprise innovation, continue to increase the investment in innovation and research and development, accelerate the implementation of technology projects, build the development highland of synergism and deep integration of industrial chain and innovation chain, and accelerate the creation of "leading innovation force". For the province's transformation of old and new growth drivers and the high quality development of manufacturing incremental enablement!

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