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Concrete Mixer To Prevent The Axle, You Must Understand This Knowledge

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Concrete Mixer

concrete mixer machine

The concrete mixer is the core equipment for the production of concrete, and its axle hung problem also affects the quality of the concrete and the normal operation of the equipment. How to prevent the mixer from holding the shaft? You must understand this knowledge:

Reasons for the concrete mixer to hold the shaft

The concrete mixer holds the shaft because of the bond formed by the mixing of powder, sand and liquid during the mixing process. It adheres to the stirring shaft and the stirring arm, and forms a very thick and difficult-to-clean bond on the surface.

Harm of the concrete mixer

1. Affect the quality of the concrete, and the concrete that is driven by the mixer after holding the shaft is not evenly stirred.

2. Increase the load of the concrete mixer and increase the energy consumption.

3. Affect the life of wear parts and shaft end seals, accelerate the wear of wear parts, the wear of the stirrer arm after holding the shaft is very serious, and the service life is greatly shortened.

Method for preventing agitator from holding a shaft

1. Adjust the feeding sequence and time. The aggregate and powder are pre-mixed into the main machine (but the aggregate must be in the next part), so that the powder can be attached to the aggregate to a certain extent, and the powder falls into the host. The possibility of adhering to the stirring shaft and the arm is possible and the stirring efficiency can be improved.

2. The center line of the main cover water pipe is required to be on the same vertical plane as the center line of the stirring shaft, and ensure that there is a direct injection nozzle above the angle between the stirring arm and the stirring shaft. Because the angle between the mixing arm and the shaft is where the bond is most likely to adhere, it is common for the shaft to start from the root of the mixing arm. At the same time, it is required to add water throughout.

3. After the equipment operator has finished unloading, the equipment should be cleaned and flushed in time to ensure the removal of adhered concrete. Equipment operators should regularly check the connection and closing tightness of the measuring hopper in the metering system, pay attention to whether it leaks, and if it is, eliminate it in time.

Concrete mixing is a very complicated process. The reasons for the phenomenon of “hugging axle” are also various. Equipment operators should pay attention to the standard use and reasonable maintenance of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can operate safely and reliably, and at the same time improve the service life of the equipment.

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