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Concrete Mixer System Pressure How To Troubleshoot?

Date:2018-12-14     Label:

Medium concrete mixer

In the process of using the concrete mixer truck, if the hydraulic system fails, the performance of the mixer truck will be greatly reduced. The old driver of the concrete mixer truck should be well aware of the causes of the breakdown of the hydraulic system of the vehicle. Only then can the faults be well eliminated and repaired. This will allow the mixer truck to resume normal operation without affecting the progress of the project. If the concrete mixer has a hydraulic system without pressure or pressure, it can be investigated according to the following methods:

1.Check whether the hydraulic pump of the concrete mixer truck can not output hydraulic oil normally. If a new hydraulic pump is used, then there is no hydraulic oil output, then there may be casting defects in the pump body, such as the occurrence of sand holes and shrinkage holes, etc., which makes the pressure oil chamber and the suction chamber become conceivable and lost. Pressure oil performance. Here need to find a factory to replace immediately, if it is not a new hydraulic pump, and there is no hydraulic oil output, it is possible that the pump steering is not correct, resulting in serious wear and tear of the parts, the need for timely replacement.

2.If the hydraulic mixer pumpis output by hydraulic oil, then it is necessary to watch the work of the relief valve is normal. If there is an abnormality, there may be a dirt in the pressure oil valve or It is due to other reasons that it is stuck, and it will be in an oil return position, causing a short circuit between the pressure oil circuit and the overflow circuit, but it may also be due to loose fittings or pressure oil. One of the valves had a serious leak, and the hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder seals were damaged, resulting in leakage. It is necessary to remove those leaking valves and clean them, and carefully check the size of the seal gap and the damage of its sealed device to replace it in time.

3.If the output flow of the hydraulic pump is markedly reduced when the wave pressure increases, and the value of the pressure does not reach the specified value, then it is because of the increase of the gap after the wear of the hydraulic pump. After measuring the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump, it should be possible to confirm whether the pump can continue to be used normally. For those parts that are more severely worn, they should be replaced and repaired immediately.

4, If the entire hydraulic system is in the normal use of pressure, but there are some hydraulic cylinders or pipelines without pressure, it may be because of small holes, pipelines, directional valves, throttle valves, etc. There was a blockage in the area, and it should be checked gradually step by step to check the pressure and whether there was oil passing through, and check carefully to find out why.

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